Hong Phong 1 Wind power plant

Owner Hong Phong 1 Wind power JSC
Voltage level
Capacity 40MW
Location Binh Thuan Province
Project Name
Hong Phong 1 Wind Power Plant
Our Client
Hong Phong 1 Wind power JSC
Our Task
  1. Feasibility Study And Basic Design
    + Feasibility Study
    + Basic design
  2. All of agreement with EVN
    + In-principle approval on power purchase with EVN
    + Agreement on Technical Design of Grid Connection Points
    + Agreement on Relay Protection and Automation System
    + Agreement on SCADA and Telecommunication System
    + Agreement on Tariff Metering System
  3. Negotiating (PPA) Power Purchase Agreement with EVN
  4. Preparation and Acquirement of Agreements/approvals from relevant authorities for Feasibility Study
    + Agreement on design of firefighting system
    + Agreement on Tie Line Right-of-Way
    + Agreement on Entrance Route and water supply
    + Agreement on Clearance height of wind turbine
    + Agreement on 1/500 General Layout
  5. Feasibility Study (FS) and Basic Design for Substation and Transmission lines part; Wind Power Plant part:
    + Feasibility Study Report Preparation
    + Basic Design Preparation
    + Submission and presentation of FS to MOIT for Appraisal