Power Market Trading


With the best understanding and experiences on power market as well as principles on its operation and offering, Vietnam PRP Corp. will be an ideal representative for power plants to conduct energy trading, ensuring the optimum outputs and profits of plants, reducing the general costs of the whole system on the basis of respecting the rights and responsibilities of all partners in the power market and power operators.

This consulting activities consist of:

1. Introduction of Power Market regulations and codes: The Power Market of Vietnam was framed by a system of power market rules, regulations and codes (i.e. power market rules, grid code, power market dispatch and scheduling regulation, etc…) Power plant which over 30MW in capacity is mandatory to participate power market (and so called Generation Company), therefore the correct and flexible understanding of these legal documents is very important with power plant owner to avoid breach the law and to maximize their interest. We will provide you the best advice for this target;
2. Power Trading Consulting: PRP Vietnam Consults Generation Company the most suitable strategic and the long-term, short-term power trading plan (multi-year, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily) based on the consideration and assessment of requirements of power system as well as the competent ability of Generation Company to maximize the interest and profits of Generation Company;
3. Bidding Consulting: Assist Generation Company in develop bidding strategic and directly bid to the pool daily/hourly on behalf of the Generation Company;