Relay Setting Calculation

Relay Setting Calculation is an essential task for a Power plant before operation. The parameter in this calculation is used for setting for Relay protection equipment of power plant.

I. Based on Decision No. 851/QD-EVN dated 25/06/2020 
(Issues about cooperation procedure for controlling relay setting calculation)

1. Submit dossier for new building testing:
At least 02 months before the expected date of energizing transmission line and transformer, the Client must submit to A0, Ax one dossier included the relay setting calculation document attached with diagrams, specifications, other technical documents used for the calculation (Clause 9).

2. Deadline for submitting to A0, Ax the dossier of common connection point:
At least 03 months before the expected date of synchronizing the power plant and at least 02 months before the scheduled date of synchronizing the transmission line or substation, Client must submit to A0, Ax one dossier include the relay setting calculation document attached with diagrams, specifications, other technical documents used for the calculation.

3. Requirement on the dossier:
The dossiers mentioned above have to include technical documents certificated by the Client and a copy of legal documents authenticated by a Consultant company with sufficient legal capacity and electricity operation license for supplying electricity consulting services.

*Data collecting:
– Local grid connection diagram, Single line diagram of primary equipment
– Specifications of primary equipment
– Principle operation diagram, design diagram of the relay system
– Secondary diagrams of the relay system
– Concerning Relay manual, software
* Setting calculation, complete the dossier
* Submitting the dossier concerning load dispatch center
* Take the approved setting table and give it to the project owner
* Support project owner in synchronizing process
* Support project owner in the operation process, fault clearing process.
III. Relay setting calculation process as the following chart:

chinh dinh role prp

(*) Decision 851/QD-EVN dated 25/06/2020 requires the following input:
1.    List of transmission lines, substations, power stations, and other concerning projects that are scheduled to be put into operation
2.    Connection single line diagram of the local power grid
3.    Single line diagram which shows current transformers, voltage transformers used for the protective system, circuit breakers, dis-connectors, …; and project layout
4.    Specifications of primary project equipment such as transmission line, transformer, CT, VT, CB, Disconnector, compensating devices, …
5.    Principal operation diagrams of the protective system
6.    Schematic diagram
7.    Relay info. includes name, version, options, manual, user guide
8.    Specialize software for setting
9.    Currently settings by the producers
10.  Other info.