Grid impact study

The grid impact study is an essential requirement for power plants, substations, and demands when put in operation.

When a power plant is put into operation, which will impact the power system around this power plant

  • Changes the grid diagram and structure.
  • Changes the load flow on transmission lines.
  • Affects short circuit current.
  • Affects energy loss, power loss of the power system around the project.
  • Affects the power quality.
  • Affects the power grid stability.
  • Affects the power supply reliability.

In addition, the power system around the connected project area will affect the project itself, such as short-circuit current from the grid, power flow, and near plants. Thereby, it will affect the calculation, design, and equipment selection of power plants or substations.

Therefore, before and after the plant is put into operation, it is necessary to have a calculation report to assess the impact of the plant on the power grid and power system. Grid impact study is also an essential condition for authorities such as EVN, NPT, NPC, CPC, SPC, and NLDC to allow the power plant to connect to the national power grid.

We review and evaluate your project by year of operation or timeline, such as Y, Y+5, Y+10 (Y is the year the plant was put into operation). Power plant Grid impact study is also an essential step for the Owner to consider the ability and feasibility of the project to make a project investment decision.

Vietnam PRP Corp. We have enough competency and experience to make grid impact study reports, calculations for power plants.