Our approach to consulting is unique. We encourage you to participate in every phase of the study. We provide you with all the information and knowledge that you need to repeat the study and perform future studies independently. Our reports are detailed and comprehensive. A consulting project may get over in a set time period but we expect our relation to continue. Our mission is to empower you through our products and services.

We specialize in electromagnetic transients (emt) and real-time simulation studies in most areas of power system. We have extensive experience as developers and users. We also collaborate with various research organizations and industry experts which allows us to bring the best talent to your project. Our areas of expertise are:

– HVDC and FACTS modeling and analysis
– Transient over-voltage studies
– Insulation coordination
– Switching transients
– Transformer saturation and inrush
– Harmonic analysis
– Voltage and current unbalance
– Power quality
– Sub-synchronous resonance (SSR)
– Sub-synchronous control interaction (SSCI)
– Fast bus transfers
– Motor starting
– Interconnection impact studies for wind farms, solar power plants, highspeed electric train
– Power electronics and controls
– Open-phase fault detection
– Relay and protection scheme testing and validation
– Real-time simulation studies using RTDS

We offer the following types of services:
– Turnkey research and development of custom models
– Design and development of custom libraries
– Studies including complete development of cases and related models
– Staff augmentation and need-base expert support when you just need extra expertise

View detail some of our consulting service below here.