Phuong Mai 1 wind power plant

Owner Phuong Mai wind power JSC
Voltage level
Capacity 26.4MW
Location Binh Dinh Province
Project Phuong Mai 1 Wind Power Plant
Phuong Mai wind power JSC
The task of Vietnam PRP
  1. Electricity Activity License Application

Phuong Mai Wind Power Farm 1, with a total capacity of 26.4 MW and a total investment level of 1,076 billion VND, is a cooperative project between Truong Thanh Investment Construction and Development Joint Stock Company and Phuong Mai Wind Power Joint Stock Company.

According to Official Letter No: 6050/EPTC-KDMD of the Electricity Power Trading Company (EVNEPTC) under the Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN), on October 12, 2021, 10 among 11 wind turbines with a capacity of 24 MW, including WT01 – WT10 of Phuong Mai 1 wind farm was put into COD. One wind power turbine with a capacity 2.4 MW was put into COD on October 22, 2021.

VietNam PRP has completed supporting the Owner to get the Electricity Activity License in the situation that many other wind power plants are focusing all the investment resources on the wind power projects to put them into COD before October 31, 2021. Electricity Activity License is an extremely important condition to get COD certification. Without electricity operation license, Wind power plant Owners can’t get COD certification from EVN.