Cu Ne 1 Wind Power Plant

Owner Envision Energy Group
Voltage level
Capacity 50MW
Location Dak Lak province
Project Cu Ne 1 Wind Power Plant
Envision Energy Group
Tasks of Vietnam PRP Corp.
  1. Survey of Windpower plant part
  2. Survey of Substation and Transmission line part
  3. Feasibility Study And Basic Design
  4. Preparation and Acquirement of Agreements from EVN
  5. Preparation and Acquirement of Agreements/approvals from relevant authorities for Feasibility Study
  6. Feasibility Study (FS) and Basic Design for Substation and Transmission lines part; Wind Power Plant part
  7. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Cu Ne 1 Wind Power Plant in Dak Lak province has a total capacity of 50MW.